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Yulia Shumskaya 

Author’s note: "Today, when Russia is in the middle of an unproclaimed war with the Ukraine and is falling into profound financial crisis, it seems strange that it has been not so long since we were out on the street politely asking our government to simply hold fair elections. In this blog, I will be exploring how Putin has "outplayed" all of us and what country we now have to live in. I will also try to understand how we can live with it."

At the Red Square after the "White Ring" opposition rally with
members and the managing director of  Republican Party
of Russia Mikhail Sheider.
Yulia Shumskaya was born in Moscow on November 10 1982 and graduated from Peoples' Friendship University in 2003,  school of civil law. 

Yulia Shumskaya is "Solidarnost" movement activist, she has also been a member of the Republican Party of Russia since 2010. She actively participated in street protests before the elections to the State Duma. These protest actions were held after the Republican Party of Russia was debared from the elections. The protests were held under the slogan "Put an end to the power of thieves, vote against all!". In November 2011, she was detained by police and held in cell for few hours for distribution of white ribbons with this slogan near the Olympic Stadium in Moscow.
While waitind for our friends to be released from police after
they were detained "Put an end to the regime of thieves"
action inMoscow

In years 2011-2012 she was an active member and one of the organizers of the opposition rallies in Moscow.

Yulia Shumskaya is a staunch liberal, anti-Stalinist and a supporter of the so-called "European path" in the future development of Russia.

Personal motto: Russia will become great when she becomes Europe.

May 6' 2012 at Bolotnaya Square im Moscow
"I am convinced that only with decentralization, technological development and restoration of working democratic institutions will our country exist in peace and prosperity. There is no other way, only mere delusions. In modern world, the most money is not made by those who have the cheapest manpower, but by those who find a way to go without it and develop fully automated factories. The future belongs not to those who possess major original-oil-in-place, but by those who discover new power source, develop new technology to replace oil. Shale revolution is a perfect example of this trend. The current Russian government and the regime of Putin is in my opinion wholly incompetent and troglodytic, they are dragging the country into medieval barbarism. Poverty and wars will come to Russia if its people doesn’t stand up and stop them”.