Nemtsov! You are the best! I can’t say “you were”... I just can't.

I have never met a person with such a powerful charisma, sharp wit and incredible energy. He feared nothing. He didn't hide, didn't slow down, didn't play it safe... never afraid to speak up. His statements were always brief and clear. Each line he said was like a shot in the face of the rotten and deceitful regime of Putin.
There was no way to intimidate him other than an assasination. 
He was second to none, as acknowledged by many who knew him. 

Oleg Tinkov: This murder is on the same scale with
assassinations of Stolypin or Archduke Franz Ferdinand…

Alexei Kudrin: My deepest condolences to all family and 
friends of Boris.The assassination of Boris Nemtsov is 
a grave tragedy for the nation. It must be solved no matter 
what it takes.

It was impossible not to love him. I met him at the meetings of “Solidarity” and “Republican Party of Russia” several times times, and also few times in in cafes, at rallies and in court. He was extraordinarily humane, always attentive, helpful, always optimistic. He helped everybody who asked for help and gave a hand to his supporters and members of the opposition movement. A natural leader, a true character with a huge heart... He seemed impossible to embarrasse or hurt, leave alone murdered.
4 fatal shots from a moving car. Just don't tell me that some kind of a psycho did it! It was a professional. You know perfectly well that he was constantly followed by surveillance agents, his phone was tapped 24/7. He could even joke about it: “Does anybody want to say something to Putin? You can use my mobile. Seriously, they are listening night and day.”

Now these dickheads will tell us (in fact, they have already did), following with the best traditions of islamic terrorists, that the Liberals shoot themselves dead to cast a shadow on peaceful regime of Putin. Are your manuals written by bin Laden, you assholes? Burn in hell, scum! You aren't worth of tying shoelaces of Boris! He was a fearless pursuer of truth, I'm sure he knew that he could be murdered and he came to terms with this. But he would never let us see that he's afraid, because he knew we were looking at him... That's why he didn't have bodyguards, he walked on foot would it be day or night.
We are lost without him. There is none like him. Rest in peace.

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