Putin and Freud

A little late, but still something to read. A very interesting analysis by Stanislav Belkovsky on "what Putin has in mind." After reading, I've finally given up the hope that Putin has any kind of plan. Let the plan be to conquer the whole world, any grade of nonsense, but it would be a plan. But no, now the patient of "Novo-Ogaryovo" asylum is falling into freudism so deeply that even Herr Sigmund himself wouldn’t stop him.
Over more than a decade Putin was making a play with the West again and again, pretending to be playing from a position of strength. One day he intimidates the West with "energy weapon", threatening to cut off the gas valves, another day he vetoes the UN resolution on Syria. Accustoming to the huge popularity at home, he began to think about himself as a person of historic dimensions. How many of you can boast of such approval ratings? Who else can sit on the throne of an empire for 15 years without your ass getting numb? What on Earth you know of life, you silly day-flies of western democracies? However, some certainly pleasant episodes could not satisfy the craving for true love on the part of "Western partners." Friendly handshakes at the summits and private telephone conversations with heads of respected states’ governments have been giving him the impression that we are on an equal footing with our betters. But that KGB worm of doubt continued to gnaw at our president's guts. And then, it all finally came to light. On the background of the massive national "yes-sir"-approval, under his nose, in the Ukraine, where seemingly everything was under control for a long time, Maidan happened. I knew it! I was told by neighbors and friends, but I didn't believe them! The moor decided to act decisively.

Since then, as the "anti-Russian plot that drove the Fascists to power in Ukraine" has been discovered, Putin has successfully stomped all the fruits of international diplomacy that Russia has been literally planting under a lamp for many years. Economy doesn't matter now. What crisis are you talking about!? The enemy is at the gates! When Russia was showered with a wave of sanctions, we were somehow immediately made it clear that: a) we can easily cope with the crisis; b) crisis was sent to us because we are too strong and too spiritual; and c) actually there is no crisis. All actions of the government were intended to show that "we can return them the blow" rather than actually somehow soften the blow to our own economy. Read my lips: economy doesn't matter! While those counter-sanctions don't make no sense, we understand that the outflow of currency from Russia will decrease just the same, because of decreasing demand for imported goods with their skyrocketing prices. And we have an enemy to weaken, haven't we? Haven't we? We have! In addition, we need these pitiful stories about broken Italian farmers for our television. Seriously, can anyone now name at least one effective measure that had been taken by the government to mitigate the economic crisis for the Russians, for the private sector? Nobody even tries to do anything.

PUTIN’S PLAN how to get out of financial crisis
And why aren't "they the people" protesting? Apparently, the Russian people always felt a little deprived of their fair share. It seems they have started to live a normal life, but everything was a bit strange, a bit too foreign. Deep in his heart an average Russian reaching out for his iPhone to read news on Facebook distorts in disgust. Something like: all we have isn't ours, we didn't manage to do anything, we weren't allowed to do anything, we haven't lived it our way... This very schizoid internal conflict between the desire to get a job at Google and profound physical loathing of America and Europe triggers the suicidal mood in person’s mind of our notorious 84%. (Putin’s approval number). Are you surprised he is getting 84%? I am not, I am surprised he is not getting all 94%! The collective conscious of the Russian Federation is going through the same internal conflict as Putin's individual mind. Therefore, Russia incites death. In psychoanalysis, this power is called Thanatos, death drive, and it is activated when Eros, will to live, fails. "Death's approval rating is always higher than life's rating. Putin told the Russian people: if you can't build your own lives, I'll give you an excuse. This excuse is death. That's all". This is Belkovsky's key point. For shortness sake: Putin deliberately provokes the beginning of World War III, building it up to a nuclear war. The logic is simple: If we can't return our greatness by any peaceful means, then we'll return it by war. This is the method of destruction. The Western countries have realized this and tried to avoid the WWIII, because they have read Freud's books. By the way, here he is, Freud.

As a result, because Putin is projecting its internal state of mind to all the Russians, war is emerging in the minds of the people. In addition, he clearly has a schizoid obsession with the idea of restoration of the USSR or the Russian Empire in one form or another. Confrontation with the West gives him a taste for life and this the only way that can entertain him at all, raising adrenaline levels. After all, Belkovsky is good in analysis of Russians' and Putin's unconscious. This may be puzzling for onlookers. How is this ever possible? How can one force people to voluntarily give up their well being, their savings, lose a lot of money and start hating their closest sister nation? There is nothing to it, that conflict was always present in the minds of a significant portion of Russians.
And how about Ukraine? It's just a victim of circumstances, that typically Freudian complex. Oh, you want the best way? Like Europe allowing you in? Laughing out loud. They didn't even allowed us in! (And we are an energy superpower, remember?). You won't belong there as well!

"If I can't have it, no one will".

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